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★ REVITALIZE the Office of the District Attorney ★ 

★ EMPOWER our Community ★

★STRENGTHEN our Relationship with Law Enforcement ★

REVITALIZE the Office of the District Attorney: 
--Restructure the Office: creating different divisions and allocating current resources efficiently, commitment to going paperless, commitment from all current Deputy DA's to our mission 
--Focus on aggressive, but fair prosecution, especially focusing on violent crimes with emphasis on collaboration with all departments 
--Accountability for Honoring Victims Rights in all Matters
EMPOWER our Community 
--Involvement with schools: Project LEAD, Mock Trial, Attorney mentoring
--Involvement with businesses: attending and supporting all business events year round, open dialogue with business needs and concerns, staying up to date on all local issues
--Educating the public: about what we do, how our actions affect the community, press releases to keep the public informed about major cases as well as cases that affect daily life 
STRENGTHEN our relationship with Law Enforcement
--Building better relationships with all agencies through better communication
--Training and Education for all aspects of law enforcement activities 
--Participation on a weekly basis in briefings and updates on cases at every stage


Vote Mario Vela for District Attorney Imperial County 2022

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Mario Vela for District Attorney 2022
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